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    Paint the town… pink?

    by  • October 19, 2012 • painted kitchens, • Kitchen Inspiration • 0 Comments


    Oh have I got a treat for you! Being it’s Friday, and I’m such a kind and generous soul (ahem!), I’m going to give you a little insider information about colours for 2013. So if you’re busy deliberating over paint charts or are thinking of redoing your kitchen next year, now’s the time to listen up.

    Crown Paints is launching 33 new shades for next spring/summer, split into three different ranges and inspired by the fashion catwalk:

    Firstly there’s Equilbrium – bold, contemporary with a masculine edge. Colours include City Blues and Scooter Red.

    Next up is the pretty but powerful Mannequin, with a feminine palette of flesh hues and soft pinks such as Beauty Queen and Honey Fever.

    Lastly, Optimism (see the picture at the top), with its sunshine yellow Hot Mustard and Cheeky Wink (bubblegum pink).

    Now which one (two, or three) to pick?


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    Cool crockery

    by  • June 15, 2012 • home accessories, • Kitchen Accessories • 0 Comments

    It’s Friday and that in itself is enough of an excuse for us to celebrate with some fabulous new crockery from Laura Ashley – don’t say we never treat you!

    Here’s a sneak peak from their new Autumn/Winter range; we can’t decide which we like most…

    Sunny Hydrangea, camomile spot and gingham works beautifully together.

    Simple, understated, comforting white – and a very cute hedgehog!

    We’re dotty about this spotted range – and check out the gorgeous macaroon and cupcake candles.


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    In the red

    by  • October 1, 2011 • modern kitchens, • Kitchen Inspiration • 0 Comments

    Recently my mum commented that she’d been after some red accessories to accessorise her new gleaming white-and-black kitchen scheme, and had finally found some, but after rather a lot of searching. Had she told me this a week later I’d have been able to point her in the direction of Matalan, whose Retro Kitchen range is beautifully bright and fun.

    Matalan’s Retro Kitchen range


    She also mentioned that she’d been thinking of putting up some red patterned wallpaper on one wall and as we ummed and ahhed as to whether this would be ‘too much’, I remembered some of the kitchens we’ve featured over the years that have been brighter than bright and bolder than bold – and there was no such thing as ‘too much’. On that note, I bring you some gorgeously red kitchens, all unique in their own way. We’d love to know what you think… are they ‘too much’ or is it a welcome injection of colour? Let us know…


    This red floor certainly makes a statement!


    An elegant red chest sits opposite a vivid artwork – stunning!


    Incorporate a bright red island into your scheme


    If you’re wary about having a red kitchen, why not opt for colour in your dining area instead?

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    It’s a cracker!

    by  • July 13, 2011 • home accessories, • Kitchen Accessories • 0 Comments

    Just call me Mrs Christmas. Today I’m bringing to you the most gorgeous of Christmas decorations, a twist on tradition and a handful of sparkle. No, I haven’t gone completely mad, and yes, I know it’s only July, but today I visited the John Lewis Christmas press show and now ALL I can think about is what ‘look’ I’m going to go for this year.

    John Lewis has introduced a few key trends, but my favourite is ‘Christmas Revisited’ – think retro styling, text and numbers and natural fabrics such as wool and wood…

    It’s easy to follow this scheme through to the kitchen/diner as well, and these Snowmen glasses are a perfect addition to any festive table…

    Then there’s Jazz – a perfect mix of bold, bright colours, quirky accessories and pink lights. Why not pop a few jewel-coloured baubles on your Christmas table to brighten it up?

    There’s far too much for me to blog about – just know that John Lewis is the perfect pitstop if you want to buy everything under one roof this year, from snowflake cushions, napkins and runners, to tree decs, platters and Christmas gifts galore. I know where I’ll be heading come December.

    Mrs Christmas (Laurie)

    PS I’ll let you into a little secret. A little birdie told me that Beautiful Kitchens Editor Ysanne has fallen in love with these oh-so-cute feather decorations (excuse the pun!)…

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